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AB Arms SBR P*Grip Pistol Grip - Black 
American Built Arms Company presents the SBR P*Grip™ designed and engineered for M4/M16/AR-15 style rifles and rifle receivers designed to fit AR-15 style pistol grips. The SBR P*Grip™ is born of technologically advanced materials that not only make it strong, but light weight and low profile. The weather-resistant internal storage compartment will fit two AA or one CR123 batteries. Our commitment to design high quality, tough as nails products is exemplified in the SBR P*Grip™.


- Designed & manufactured in the USA by a veteran owned company
- Innovative, lightweight, small profile, ergonomic
- Made from high-heat rated nylon with high-strength fiber
- Designed for M4/M16/AR-15 family of rifles
- Black
- Private labeling available


- Height: 3.88"
- Length: 2.97"
- Width: 1.20" 

Made In The USA

Item Number Price  

SALE $15.00

WAS $20.00


DPMS AR15 Buttstock Buffer Spring (Standard Length)

Buttstock Buffer Spring Standard Length 12 3/4inch 43 coils

Does NOT fit the LR-308

Made In The USA



Item Number Price  

SALE $4.00

WAS $6.00


Adv Tech AR-15 Buffer Spring

bulletWorks with Commercial, Military and Hybrid Buffer Tubes
bulletVirtually Indestructible
bulletManufactured in the USA
bulletLimited Lifetime Warranty

Fits Most AR-15 and AR Variants

Made In The USA

Item Number Price  

SALE $10.00

WAS $16.00


Adv Tech AR-15 Recoil Plug

bulletWorks with Commercial, Military & Hybrid Buffer Tubes
Fits: AR-15 and all AR Variants

Made In The USA


Item Number Price  

SALE $16.00

WAS $23.00


UTG Gen III AR15/M4 Blank Firing Adaptor w/Integral Housing for Rifle Length Barrel, Red

• 3rd Gen Blank Firing Adaptor for Rifle Length AR-15
• Fits Standard A2 Flash Hider and Barrel
• Made from High Strength Steel Alloy with Precision Manufacturing
• Robust User-friendly Ring for Handy Carrying and Operation
• Durable Red Paint for Long-Term Protection and Distinction
• New Gen Upgrade with Superior, More Robust and Heavy-duty Center Hex Nut to Provide Mil-standard Performance
• Field and Torture Tested to Meet Most Demanding Requirements and Deliver Best Performance
• Highest Quality, Most Coveted Part for Law Enforcement/Military Training

• Before installation, make sure the weapon is cleared.
• Do not use any tool to over-tighten the BFA. HAND TIGHTEN ONLY.
• Never fire at anyone within 20 feet.
• After every 30 to 50 rounds depending on your mag capacity, check if the BFA is still securely tightened.
• Clean the carbon buildup on the BFA after each use.

Item Number Price  

SALE $6.00

WAS $17.00


ASC 30 Round Stainless Steel .223 Magazine Rebuild Kit-Restricted Item -Check Your Local and State Laws Prior To Ordering

See Shipping & Policies For List Of Restrictions

The ASC Rebuild Spring Kit includes 3 Followers, 3 Springs, and 3 Floorplates. Everything you need to rebuild your ASC Magazine.


Made In The USA







Item Number Price  

SALE $9.00

WAS $12.00


PRI 8.5 Inch Forearm Rail With Lugs

PRI 8.5 Inch Replacement Forearm Rail with stainless steel lugs. Rail has 1913 rail configuration. Rails have a 2" radius conture cut on bottom side to mate up with 2" tube.

Rails are constructed of T6 6061 hard coated black anodized aluminum. The rail comes with 4 mounting screws and 2 bar nut for installing. Rail weighs 2.24 ounces.

PRI 8.5 Inch Forearm Rail With Lugs

Item Number Price  
05-070-03 QUANTITY 2 AVAILABLE SALE $39.00

WAS $42.00


MAKO Safety Rod For MP5

The safest solution for training & storage


• Designed to fit the MP5.
• Can be broken in designated place, to fit any 9mm handgun.
• Perfect solution for safe training and gun storage.
• Securely blocks the barrel by preventing a live round being inadvertently chambered.
• Bright colours for better visibility.
• Ideal for weapon safety and accident prevention.

Safety Rod for MP5

Item Number Price  
MP-ROD  SALE $0.50

WAS $4.00


Magpul Self Leveling Follower

Available in Foliage Green

The Magpul Enhanced Self-Leveling Follower is a drop in replacement for the current issue aluminum USGI 30-round magazine follower.

Featuring a patent pending 4-way anti-tilt design, the Enhanced Self-Leveling Follower is made from a non-hydroscopic and self-lubricating polymer.



Magpul Enhanced Self Leveling Follower 3 Pack for USGI 30 Round Magazines AR15 M16 5.56 NATO Foliage Green

Item Number   Price  
 MAG110-FOLGR Magpul Self Leveling Follower 3 Pack - Foliage Green

SALE $4.00

WAS $5.00


Fobus Roto Holsters
bulletAvailable in 1 3/4" duty belt
bulletUnique Roto-Holster™ system rotates 360° employing a forward or rearward cant.
bulletEasily adjusts for cross draw, bodyguard, driver, small of the back or strong side carry.
bulletPatented locking adjustment system allows for forty (40) possible positions





  Fobus Holsters

Item Number Description Price  


Fobus Beretta 92/96 (Except Brig & Elite) / Taurus 92/99 / CZ75B 9mm Roto-Belt  Left Hand      QUANTITY  1 AVAILABLE

SALE $17.00

WAS $33.00


Tacstar Weapons Light System Compact Flashlight

The WLSC (Weapons Light System Compact) is designed for those who want an inexpensive and light-weight tactical light system for mounting on a rifle or shotgun. Features T-3 Flashlight with a remote end-cap pressure switch. Comes complete with precision made mounts to fit all rifles and shotguns.

Weapons Light System Compact -Complete with Light, Pressure Switch, Mounting Brackets and Batteries 
WLSC-1000  Part # 1081034 

flashlt.jpg (8073 bytes)

Item Number Price  

SALE $20.00

WAS $49.00


Famous Maker Remington 870 12 GA Internal Red Laser
FIELD OF VIEW- 100YD 2" DOT @ 165'



Item Number Price  

WAS $60.00


TacStar Shotgun Conversion Kit 12ga

Now all the accessories you need to convert your shotgun from Hunting to Tactical in one easy kit. Includes Front and Rear Tactical Grips, 6-Shot SideSaddle, Tactical Shotgun Sling, Barrel Magazine Clamp, and a Quick Detach Sling Swivel Set for the mounting sling. Complete step by step mounting instructions are provided.  Available for 12 Gauge only.





Item Number Price Price  
1081863 QUANTITY  1 AVAILABLE TacStar Mossberg 500/590 Tactical Shotgun Conversion Kit 12ga

SALE $49.00

WAS $99.00


Grabber Hunter's Gloves (Realtree All-Purpose w/ Thinsulate)


Grabber Hunter's Gloves are designed to keep your hands warm and your fingers free. A peel-back mitten pocket provides extra warmth while the Thinsulate lining ensures your fingertips will stay nimble while you aim. Want an extra boost? Stick an activated Hand Warmer into the mitten pocket. Realtree All-Purpose camo pattern blends with your other gear. Comes with 1 free pair of Hand Warmers!

Gloves Accept A Hand Warmer




Item Number   Price  
6000APML Grabber Hunter's Gloves (Realtree All-Purpose w/ Thinsulate) Medium to Large SALE $20.00

WAS $30.00

6000APXL Grabber Hunter's Gloves (Realtree All-Purpose w/ Thinsulate) X-Large SALE $20.00

WAS $30.00


Battery Powered Heated Socks
Warmth and Comfort in All Weather Conditions

Heat Sox are specially knitted quality wool, nylon, spandex and Dupont Thermolite designed for quality comfort. A battery pack generates safe heat to the embedded coil. Dual temperature settings give you control over how much warmth to generate. Enjoy up to 12 hours of soothing warmth on one battery!

bulletMedium = Men (5-9) / Women (6-10)
bulletLarge = Men (9-12) / Women (10-13)
bulletExtra Large = Men (12-15)
(Requires one alkaline "D" battery per sock, not included)

Use Instructions: Insert a "D" cell alkaline battery into the battery pouch with the positive (+) terminal of the battery facing up. The positive terminal (+) must fit into the top connection button when the pouch is closed. To activate Heat Sox for heat just snap the pouch closed. the two position top mounted switch controls the high and low heat settings; adjust to meet your comfort needs. To turn the heat off, unsnap the battery pouch and remove battery. Always remove battery when not in use and before storage.

Care and Washing: Do not pull or tug on the sock from the cuff area when putting on, as this may dislodge the wiring connected to the battery or to the heating element. Hand wash in warm water with mild detergent (do not machine wash). Use a gentle squeezing action to wash and rinse (do not wring or twist, as this may damage wiring).

Important Medical Information: Diabetics, persons with circulatory problems, or anyone who may have sensitivity to heat applications applied against their skin should not wear Heat Sox. If you have any doubts at all, please consult your physician before using.

Item Number Description Price  
5552HSL Grabber Heat Sox Large SALE $13.00

WAS $25.00




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