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Glock Accessories

We offer accessories for you Glock pistol / handgun including storage inserts, Recoil Buffers, Under Barrel Picatinny Rail Mount, Scope Mount, Charging Handle, Disassembly - Reassembly Guide 

NcStar MagPopper Magazine Disassembly Tool for Glock® Mags


bulletThe innovative MagPopper tool will help you disassemble your Glock® magazines in seconds.
bulletWorks with most factory Glock® flat floorplates. Works with 10 round, standard capacity, and high capacity Glock® magazines.
bulletSimply insert the hook from the small lever into the floor plate, rest the MagPopper body against the front of the magazine body. With one hand grasp the MagPopper and the magazine body and gently squeze. The floor plate will slide forward and unlock from the side magazine tabs with very little effort.
bulletCaution magazines are under spring tension. After you have unlocked the floor plate, carefully slide/remove the floor plate, locking plate, spring, and follower from the magazine body for service/cleaning.
bulletMagPopper also features: a bottle opener, a hole on the main body for mounting onto key rings, and a ¼" hex hole for holding ¼" screwdriver bits.
bulletCompact design for convenient storage.
bulletSteel construction.
bulletUS Patent Pending



Item Number Price  
VTGLMAG $12.00


NcStar Universal Pistol Rear Sight Tool


• Universal Pistol Rear Sight Tool designed for: Removal, Installation, and Adjusting windage of dovetailed rear sights for most Semi-Auto Pistol slides.
• The Universal Pistol Rear Sight Tool works with many types of semi-auto slides: full, compact, sub compact, and pocket sized semi-auto pistols.
• Base platform is adjustable for height, to get your slide and rear sights at the proper height for the rear sight pusher. Includes one bottom spacer for some pocket pistol slides for proper height alignment.
• Multiple Vertical and Horizontal clamps to secure various sizes and types of semi-auto slides in the tool.
• Adjustable top brace with plastic insert to secure the slide’s vertical placement on the base platform.
• Adjustable side braces with plastic inserts to secure the slides horizontal placement on the base platform. Includes two sets of side plastic inserts: a pair of flat inserts and a pair of stepped inserts to fit a wide variety of slide profiles.
• Rear sight pusher will work with 90 degree and 30 degree rear sight profiles. Rear sight pusher can remove, install, or adjust the rear sights in either direction.
• Side witness windows machined into both sides of tool frame to check for and verify proper tool and rear sight alignment.
• Sight tool frame can be bolted to, clamped onto work surface, or clamped onto a work vice.
• Rear sight pusher tool has an adjustable/removable handle or you can use a 15mm wrench or socket tool.
• Heavy duty Blue Anodized aluminum frame with steel tools
• Sight pusher steel screw has brass bushings for good bearing surface characteristics and excellent strength.
• DIMENSIONS: 4.75”H X 7.0”W X 2.0”D
• WEIGHT: 37.5 OZ.


Item Number Price  
VTUPRS $44.00


Chambermax Tactical Slide Enhancement TA-1 For Glock Double Stack Handgun Models G17, G17L, G19, G22, G23, G24, G26, G27, G31, G32, G33, G34, G35.

Slide racker installs onto popular models of Glock pistols and gives extra grip and leverage to make slide racking fast and easy. Requires no permanent modification of the pistol, and simply replaces the factory backplate.

With its unique optimized wedge shape, the TA-1 helps prevent your fingers from slipping off the back of the slide when loading, unloading, and remediating a dreaded malfunction. It reduces the gripping force required from your hand to retract the slide. This is highly beneficial if you have reduced finger or hand strength or have wet or contaminated hands such as in defensive combat or a high stress situation.

Not for Glocks with single stack magazines or those chambered in .45 caliber.

Made in the USA

Chambermax TA-1 manufactured in the USA from reinforced plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel.

The ultimate accessory for your Glock, the patented Chambermax TA-1 adds an enhanced gripping surface at the back of the slide to improve your grip when racking (closing) the slide of the pistol.

It doesn’t interfere with a proper pistol grip and promotes safer handling of the firearm by directing your hand away from the muzzle end of the pistol.

The TA-1 replaces the factory slide end cap and installation is easy. Rigorously tested and maintenance free, it is ready for professional duty or the occasional sport shooter.

made_in_us  made_in_us  made_in_us  made_in_us  made_in_us  made_in_us  made_in_us

Chambermax (4)

Generally speaking, most Level 1 and Level 2 holsters are compatible for use with a Glock handgun equipped with a Chambermax TA-1. Level 1 holsters are those we consider to have no mechanical retention mechanism in the holster that locks to the gun, whereas Level 2 is those with at least one mechanical retention mechanism.  Certain duty holsters with Level 3 retention and greater, typically those with a backstrap that covers the back or slide end of the Glock and/or have a sentry release mechanism, may need adjustments performed to the holster to accept a TA-1 equipped Glock.In all circumstances, it is the YOU, the end user, that is responsible for testing your particular holster to ensure that the weapon draws and re-holsters without interference from the TA-1 to the holster. We know that many holsters from Blackhawk, 5.11, Safariland, and Fobus that are made for sport shooters and concealed carry permit holsters are excellent choices.

Item Number Description Price  
TA-1 -BLACK Chambermax Tactical Slide Enhancement TA-1 For Glock Double Stack Handgun - Black $32.00
TA-1-PINK Chambermax Tactical Slide Enhancement TA-1 For Glock Double Stack Handgun $32.00


Slide Pull Charging Handle (Black) For Glock™ Pistols from Brass Stacker


Brass Stacker™ Slide Pull Charging Handle for Glock™ 17, 19, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38, & 39;

Fits only Glock factory slides with Straight serrations. Will NOT work with Cresent shaped slide serrations!

NO Modifications to your weapon

The Brass Stacker™ SLIDE PULL™ Patent Pending (Glock Charging Handle) assists in the charging of pistols for individuals who have difficulty grasping factory slide serrations and for those in tactical or competitive situations utilizing pistol scopes, laser grips, or operation in wet, slippery conditions. In the event they have suffered injury, Law Enforcement and Military personnel may find it a useful addition to their back-up weapon. Racking the slide of a pistol with the Brass Stacker™ SLIDE PULL™ allows you to maintain safe muzzle control while charging your weapon. Charging handles from other manufactures that extend to one side, impart a lateral load or torque causing the pistol to be twisted in your gun hand. With the ambidextrous Brass Stacker™ SLIDE PULL™ you simply pull straight back, giving you much greater control when chambering a round.

CNC Machined Lightweight Aluminum
100% Lifetime Warranty
Quality Accessories Made in the USA!
Easy Installation
NO Permanent Modification

The Brass Stacker™ Slide Pull™ (Patent Pending) features a comfortable, low profile, ergonomic design with sleek look and strong, large pull ring. It does not obscure your sight picture and is easily acquired, even in darkness. The Slide Pull™ will not snag on clothing and does not interfere with most holsters. The Slide Pull™ securely clamps to slide serrations and will fit Glock™ factory slides with straight serrations. The Slide Pull™ is CNC machined from lightweight 6061 aluminum and has a Hard Coat Black Anodized finish. Made in the USA with a 100% Lifetime Warranty, it requires no modification to the firearm. Supplied with wrench.


Made in The USA











Item Number   Price  
G935740SP Brass Stacker™ Slide Pull Charging Handle (Black) For Glock™ 17, 19, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38, & 39 $42.00


UTG 9mm / .38/ .357 Pistol Cleaning Kit

bulletFor .38/.357 and 9mm Cal. Handguns

bulletCopper Alloy Precision Cleaning Rods with Tight Tolerance Threads for Guaranteed Level and Long Lasting Use

bulletRobust Construction with Excellent Strength and Durability, Offering Full Protection of Barrel

bulletValue Pack of 3 Brushes Made from Bronze, Cotton Mop, and Nylon for Use in Lightest to Most Thorough Cleaning Operations

bulletIncludes a Great Quality Copper Patch Loop for Fast Bore Cleaning with Patches

bulletAll Threads are Standard 8-32 and Interchangeable with any Components on the Market

bulletComes with Bonus Polymer Case (4 5/8” X 2 7/8” X 1 ¼”) with Internal Clam and Padding for Easy Carry and Convenient Storage


Item Number Description Price  
TL-CLP9MMKT UTG 9mm / .38/ .357 Pistol Cleaning Kit $11.00


Tapco Chamber Safety Tool - Pistol 6 Pack

The Chamber Safety Tool™ for the pistol is specially designed to fit in the chamber of your pistol. As a chamber flag, this tool’s yellow color clearly shows that the weapon is unloaded. Comes with a strengthened head for increased durability. In addition to serving as a chamber flag, the flattened edge on the corner of the head allows you to adjust the windage and elevation of your scope.  This tool also works great in .22 caliber rifles.  Also available for shotguns and rifles.


Made in The USA




Item Number Price  
TOOL8402PACK6 (16801) $8.00


NcStar Glock Accessory Rail


MADGLO Accessory Rail will allow you to add accessories to Gen 1 Glock Pistols.
 Fits 9mm and 40S&W models only.
Rail Easily Mounts to the Trigger Guard (No Gunsmithing Required).
Made of High Quality Aluminum.


Fits Gen 1 Glock Pistols and Sub Compact Glock Pistols without Factory Rails.
Length: 3.2 in
Weight: 1.4 oz



Item Number Price  
 MADGLO $27.00


Command Arms Glock Under Barrel Picatinny Rail Mount

Fits Glock 26, 19, and 17 (1st Generation non-rail models)

Quickly add a Picatinny rail below the barrel of a handgun. Easily clamps onto the trigger guard area providing a stable platform for mounting a light/laser. CNC machined from aviation grade aluminum.

#GLKA1 Glock 17, 19, 26
Made of: Aluminum

Weight (oz.): 1.4
Length (in.): 3.26”


GLKA1 Shown on Glock 26 With Laser (not included)

Item Number Price  
GLKA1 $67.00


Mako Tactical Adaptor For Glock Scope Mount

Tactical adaptor for Glock scope mount.







GIS Shown Above on Gun with Scope and Laser (not Included)

GIS Shown Above

GIS Shown Above on Gun

Item Number    
GIS SALE $39.00

WAS $49.00


NcStar Magazine Wallet For Pistols and Rifles
bulletHigh Capacity Storage in a Slender Profile Case
bulletHolds up to 8 AR/AK Style Mags, 16 Double Stack Pistol Mags, or 32 Single Stack Pistol Mags
bulletSecure Full-Length Hook and Loop Closure
bulletOpen-Flat Design allows Rapid Access to all magazines
bulletConstructed of Heavy Duty PVC Material with Hard Shell Liner for Maximum Durability
bulletDimensions (folded) L 14.5" x W 8" x D 2.75"
bulletDimensions (opened) L 23.25" x W 14.5" x D 0.25"




Item Number   Price  
  CMW2937B  NcStar Magazine Wallet For Pistols and Rifles- Black $12.00


NcStar Discreet Pistol Case

bullet2 Separate Padded Compartments to accommodate 1 full size handgun each
bullet6 elastic Loops to accommodate up to 6 Double Stack Magazines or 12 Single Stack Magazines
bulletReinforced Wrap-around Carry Handles
bulletHeavy Duty Double Zippers








Item Number   Price  
CPB2903 NcStar Discreet Pistol Case - Black $10.00
  CPD2903 NcStar Discreet Pistol Case - Digital Camo $10.00


UTG Discreet Pistol Case for Sub-Compact Pistol and Revolver

For Sub-Compact Pistol or 2" Barrel Revolver
• Tough Synthetic Material Outside with Lined and Foam-padded Case Interior
• Firm and Protected Encasement
• Hemmed Edge Stitching and Lockable Zipper Heads
• Premium Elastics to Hold Handgun and Magazine Separately
• Interior Size: 5.5"X7.5


Material: Polyester
Weight: 0.25 lb
Color: Black
A: 5.5 inch
B: 7.5 inch


Item Number Price  
PVC-PC380 $10.00


MAKO Glock Charging Handle

This Unique accessory enables quick and easy charging of the Glock Handgun. (Left or Right Handed)
bulletEnables single-handed cocking of Glock handgun
bulletUseful when one hand is injured
bulletUseful when driving: enables driver to cock weapon while keeping one hand on the wheel
bulletAlmost any common object can provide counter pressure for charging a Glock with cocking handle: belt, pants waist, vest, railing, table, chair
bulletFits all Glock pistols
bulletCocking handle base replaces slide cover plate
bulletQuick attachment & removal of handle to/from plate while base remains mounted
bulletSwitches quickly to adapt to left-handed or right handed shooters
bulletDurable steel construction
bulletIdeal for emergency situations

Glock Charging Handle

Item Number Price  
FCH $57.00


SGM Tactical Mag Loader For Glock 10mm, .40 And .45acp Magazines

Product Type: Mag Loader
Finish/Color: Black
Fit: Compatible with Glock 10mm, .40 and .45ACP Magazines











Item Number Price  
SGMTGSL45 $4.00


SGM Tactical Glock Speed Loader for 9mm, .357, .380, and .45 GAP

Compatible with 9mm, .357, .380, and .45GAP Not for Use on Single Stack Magazines

Not for use on the G42 single stack magazines











Item Number Price  
SGMTGSL940 $4.00


Glock® Pistols Disassembly & Reassembly Guide

• The only current printed manual that includes information on ALL models.

• Easy to use -- Comb binding lies open and flat on your work surface. 

• 28 pages & 53 high-resolution grayscale images.

• Cardstock cover. Bright white paper.

• ALL images and text are © 2017 Gun-Guides, LLC. - ALL Rights Reserved.   All references to GLOCK® and Safe Action Pistols® are federally registered trademarks of GLOCK® , Inc. or  Glock Ges.m.b.H.  Gun Guides® and this publication are not affiliated with or endorsed by GLOCK® , Inc. or Glock Ges.m.b.H






Item Number Price  




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