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Carlson's Chokes Tubes, Shotgun Barrels, and Accessories

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Carlson's Choke Tubes For Over 17 Manufacturers

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Carlson's General Choke Tube Information
Carlson’s Choke Tubes are made from the finest corrosion-resistant 17-4 PH stainless steel available. Most factory choke tubes are made of lessor stainless steel, which equates to a choke that won’t hold up to most steel shot loads or heavy buffered shotshells. Steel shot patterns tighter than lead shot. Generally speaking, you will want to use a more open choke when shooting steel shot than you would with lead.

Patterning your shotgun is very important as every shotgun, choke, and load combination will produce various results. Generally when patterning your shotgun you will want to have a target area that would hold a 30 inch circle. You will want to set your target at the desired yardage you will be shooting at. 40 yards is a good start and is widely used in the industry to compare results. Make sure you have a good stance or rest so you get accurate data. Point of aim (POI) of the shotgun is important to recognize. The POI of the gun can be affected by the gun, stance, shooter, choke, or load. Generally 12ga and 20ga choke constrictions follow the chart below.

.000 (Bore Diameter which vary on manufacturer/model)
Improved Cylinder (IC)
Light Modified (LM)
Modified (MOD)
Improved Modified (IM)
Extra Full (EF)
Turkey (TKY)

The chart below gives an idea of the effective yardage for most loads:


This chart is to be used as a guide and should give you a good starting point when trying to decide which choke to use.

When patterning your gun you need to keep in mind that lead loads will pattern more open than steel loads in the same constrictions. Steel loads shot through lead constrictions will produce tighter patterns. See below:

1. Skeet choke shot with steel will produce an IC pattern
2. IC choke shot with steel will produce a Modified pattern
3. Modified choke shot with steel will produce a Full pattern

Other key points to keep in mind when patterning:

• Correct bead alignment will help keep your POI true. (Mid Rib beads can aid in
sighting in your gun tremendously)

• Shoot multiple targets to eliminate deviation. A 3-5 target average will give you a
better idea of how the choke and load will perform together.

• Pattern the exact gun, choke and load to know what results will be achieved on the
range or in the field.

• Keep accurate data. (accurate data passed along to us can help us better asses your
situation and in turn help us get you a choke to obtain the desired pattern)

• Be Safe!!

Carlson's offers a full line of flush mount chokes in 12ga and 20ga for most shotguns. These chokes are manufactured from 17-4 heat treated stainless steel. These chokes may be used with lead or Hevi-Shot in all constrictions. Steel shot larger than BB should not be used in any choke tighter than Full.

Carlson’s Sporting Clay Choke Tubes are extended choke tubes that feature a 25% longer parallel section which gives the shooter a tighter and denser pattern. All of the Sporting Clay chokes except the Optima Plus line come in a stainless finish and extend approximately ¾ of an inch out of the barrel. The extended portion of the choke will be knurled to help with installing and removing the choke tube. They are clearly marked on the external portion of the choke along with a clear laser etching on the body for easy identification. Although the name of these chokes is Sporting Clay, these chokes can be used in the field or blind and pattern much better than flush mount chokes. All constrictions of our Sporting Clay chokes can shoot all sizes and speeds of lead or Hevi-Shot. All sizes and speeds of steel can be used in constrictions Cylinder-Improved Modified. The Full and EF constrictions are not to be used with steel loads larger than BB or any steel load faster than 1550 FPS.

The Extended Turkey choke tubes extend approximately 1 inch from the end of the barrel. They are manufactured from 17-4 heat treated stainless steel had have a black finish. These chokes feature a 1.05 parallel section designed to produce the optimum pattern with your shotgun and favorite turkey load. NEVER shoot steel shot through any turkey choke. Lead, Copper, Nickel, Bismuth, and Hevi-Shot can be used in any Carlson’s Extended Turkey choke. See Chart below for suggestions on choosing the right turkey choke.

Turkey Load Size
Choke System
Card/Block Shooters
Remington 12ga
.670 (#19584)
.660 (#19583)
.660 (#19583)
.640 (#19585)
WIN/Invector 12ga
.670 (#19893)
660 (#19892)
.660 (#19892)
.640 (#19894)
Ber/Ben Mobile 12ga
.665 (#19592)
.650 (#19591)
.650 (#19591)
.640 (19590)
Ben Crio Plus 12ga
.675 (67001)
.665 (#67002)
.665 (#67002)
.665 (#67002)
BIP 12ga
.680 (#19882)
.665 (#19881)
.665 (#19881)
.655 (#19880)
Moss 835/935 12ga
.690 (#19871)
.675 (#19870)
.675 (#19870)
.675 (#19871)
Tru Choke 12ga
.670 (#07060)
.665 (#07059)
.660 (07058)
.640 (#07062)
Ber Optima Plus 12ga
.683 (#64098)
.673 (#64099)
.673 (#64099)
.673 (#64099)


This chart is to be used as a starting point; there are exceptions for every shotgun and load.

Carlson does also manufacture the 12ga turkey chokes in a ported style. Carlson’s Ported Turkey Chokes have horizontal slot ports allowing gases to escape quickly reducing recoil and muzzle jump. The ported choke tubes come in the best all around patterning constriction for each model of gun. These ported choke tubes extend about 1” from the barrel and come in a matte black finish.

Our line of Extended Steel Shot choke tubes pattern steel and other non-toxic shot extremely well. These chokes have a longer parallel section allowing for less flyers and denser patterns. The chokes extend ¾” outside the barrel eliminating damage to your barrel caused by prolonged use with steel shot. The extended portion of the choke is knurled and the choke has a matte black finish. The Close and Mid Range chokes can be used with all sizes and speeds of steel, lead, or Hevi-Shot. The Long Range is NOT to be used with any STEEL shot larger than BB, or with any STEEL shot faster than 1550 FPS. If you want to use any of these loads use try Mid Range choke tube. Use the text below to help decide which choke best fits your shooting situation.

• Close Range: For use over decoys, ideal for 0-30 yards.
• Mid Range: For shooting situations 25-40 yards (Steel shot larger than BB or Steel shot faster than 1550 FPS should be used with this choke)
• Extended (Long) Range: Great for shots 40 yards and beyond.

Carlson’s Rifled choke tubes feature a right hand 1 in 35 twist all through the choke tube. These choke extend out of the barrel and come in a matte black finish. This choke tube helps increase accuracy in smooth bore barrels. Slugs, rifled slugs, and sabots can be used in our Rifled Choke Tubes.


Designed for use with Hevi-Shot but any lead, nickel, or copper platted load can be used, this high performance choke tube has been specifically designed for the coyote hunter to deliver devastating down-range patterns upwards of 70 yards when shooting Dead Coyote “T” shot. We find that the Dead Coyote by Hevi-Shot, Heavy Weight Coyote by Federal, and #4 buck pattern the best through this choke tube. This tube is not for use with Steel shot. The Dead Coyote choke is also a great waterfowl choke for those hunters using Hevi-Shot loads for long range shooting.

Carlson’s NEW Tactical Breecher choke tube allows you to turn your hunting gun into a home defense gun. This choke has an open constriction which allows for shooting ANY shot shell including slugs, steel shot, Hevi-Shot, and buckshot. The choke has port holes to help eliminate recoil when using larger home defense rounds. You can count on this choke for your security needs.

New to our line of choke tubes is the Ported Sporting Clay Choke Tubes. These chokes reduce recoil and at the same time reduce muzzle jump making follow up shots quick and easy. Manufactured from 17-4 heat treated stainless steel and precision machined to produce a choke that patterns better with less recoil than standard flush mount choke tubes. The choke has a 25% longer parallel section which allows for tighter and denser patterns, with fewer flyers. Extending about 1” out of the barrel, this choke allows for easy installation or removal. All Ported Sporting Clay chokes come in a black finish. All sizes and speeds of lead and Hevi-Shot may be used in these choke tubes. Do not use any Steel shot larger than BB, or any Steel shot faster than 1550 in any constriction tighter than IM. These chokes are great for target shooting or for use in the field.

Do you have a barrel that does not have choke threads? Carlson’s offers a fast and affordable way to modify your gun to accept choke tubes. See the following link for more information:

Chokes tubes need to have the same care as the gun itself. Plastic fouling will build up in a choke tube. Powder residue will also work on the outside of the choke. By removing the choke after a day of shooting and cleaning the choke you can maintain the choke tubes performance and durability. Choke tube lube is also recommended to be used on the threads of the choke tube. We suggest our line of Tetra Choke Tube Lube. Using this will ease cleaning, reduce wear, prevent your choke from seizing even with steel shot or heavy buffered turkey loads with repeated use. This lube also fights friction and improves pattern performance.


Pic A) Standard Beretta/Benelli (Ber/Ben) Mobil Choke: - It can be identified by measuring flush mount choke tube.  The flush mount chokes in this system are 2” long and have threads located at the muzzle end of the choke (top of choke where choke notches are.)

Pic B) Beretta Optima Plus/Benelli Crio Plus: Identified by measuring a flush mount choke tube. This choke system is 2-3/4”  long & the threads begin 3/4”  from the muzzle end of the choke.  These two chokes have identical outside dimensions, however these chokes are based on two different bore diameters and should not be interchanged.

Pic C) Beretta Optima/Benelli Crio: - It can be identified by measuring a flush mount choke tube. It is 2-3/4” long and threads are located at the muzzle end of the choke (top of choke where choke notches are.)  The Benelli Crio was in very few guns and is no longer being put into shotguns.  Once again these two chokes have the same outside dimensions but are based on different bore diameters and should not be interchanged.

Pic D) Beretta Opitma HP: - It can be identified by measuring a flush mount choke tube.  It is 2-3/4 long and the threads begin about a half-inch down from the top of the choke.  This is a New choke system that you find in the A-400 Xplore shotguns.



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